Terms of Use


  1. Once payment made, will not be returned in any circumstances. Likewise one facility not/less used will not lead to any deductions.
  2. The hall booked by a person for a purpose will be used by the same person for the same purpose only.
  3. Use of crackers or loud music is banned in and around the premises. Only soft musical instruments used for religious proceedings can be used. (DJ not allowed)
  4. Facilities like screen, OHP, LCD, Projector, Coller Mic, DJ Music with lights and stage decoration charges extra.
  5. In the event of the Items given to the booking party being lost or damaged, the damage will have to be borne by the booking party.
  6. Rs. 2000/. extra per hour behind 3 hours.
  7. The management will not be held responsible for loss of water or power due to unavoidable circumstances and the booking party cannot take any legal action against the management under those circumstances.
  8. Drinking, Smoking, Gambling is strictly not allowed in the premises.
  9. Drawing, Sticking bills or nailing the walls of the hall is strictly prohibited.
  10. The responsibility of maintaining peace In the neighbourhood lies with the booking party. The booking party also has to comply to the rules of the Panvel Nagarpalika. Maharashtra Government and the Central Government.
  11. In case of any accident or chaos during the function, the management will not be held responsible for the loss of things.
  12. Any programme which is against the sentiments of any religion, culture, caste etc. will not be allowed to be held in the premises.
  13. The right to modify the above mentioned rules rests with the management.
  14. We have read all the rules and conditions carefully and understood all of them. We agree to all of them and are booking the hall.
  15. The A.C. will not work in case of power cut.
  16. Extra items will be charged extra.
  17. All vehicles parking at owner’s risk.
  18. Tax payment will depend on the current structure.
  19. 50% Payment on booking and balance amount is to be paid one month before party date.
  20. Booking amount once paid will not be refunded in any case.